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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Intro to Effort

This petition letter and follow up campaign are both an appeal to Richard Anderson, Delta senior management and concerned board members, to RIGHT the WRONG against Delta retired pilots because of pension termination.  During and since the 2005 re-organization by Delta Air Lines, Inc. the Delta retired pilots bore a disproportionate level of harm.  We are organizing to make this known and seek remedies from the company we contributed so much to. 

It is high time that Delta addresses this issue and rights this wrong. We are not in competition with any other employee group at Delta concerning this issue but rather are asking the company to repair the harm that was rendered against our group.  

Thank you for your support and please share this appeal through FACEBOOK, EMAIL and other SOCIAL MEDIA with other interested parties.  

To learn more about Rob or to become a Wingman, click here:

Some have asked for some proof of the harm that DAL Retired Pilots incurred so click here to see it first hand: Click Here.

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